Midnight Flame

Come join us for Rituals Workshops and Fellowship!
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September 6-9, 2018
Bellaire, Michigan

Lectures and workshops, rituals, vendors, a drum circle, brewers contest (You be the judge!),
Bardic Circle, along with plenty of
fellowship and fun!

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Thursday Night:
Opening Ritual

“Kindling of the Flame”

Friday Night:
Main ADF Ritual

Saturday Night: Norse Sumble, a ritual to toast, boast, and honor our kindreds!


Tent, RV, or cabin camping available, with opportunities for hiking, swimming in a heated pool, horseshoes, and volleyball.

Festival: $25

Meal Plan: $55 (Thursday Dinner – Sunday Breakfast) ($65 at gate)

Camping: $10/night

Cabins $40 – $80 Additional for weekend.

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All meals are communal.
Vending space available.
Call for more information.


Vendors, email us at festival @ grovemidnightsun.org and register above. We ask that you donate an item for our fundraising, but no vending fee will be charged.

For more information
and reservations and special rates, call  231-533-8432